Friday, October 24, 2008

Fall With Five

10. 11 . 08
Here are a few pictures from a wonderful orchard we like to visit several times a year. We were here a few weeks ago but didn't take any pictures. This time I brought the camera but they had a sign up that stated that "picking season" was over! Try explaining that to a five year old and a three year old! The children had a good time anyway climbing on all of the hay bales and pumpkins and selecting their own apples and cider from the little store. Bennett was not feeling well and we ended up heading home after a very short visit. Little did we know he would be admitted into the hospital later on this same day.
10 . 18 . 08
She's home! My first gift flew in this weekend for her high school homecoming and we were beyond excited to see her! Everyone was recovering and feeling much better and the weather was just gorgeous! So we spent a lot of the weekend outdoors enjoying the fresh air and sunshine! This is the annual pumpkin patch festival here in our town.
10 . 18 . 08
After the pumpkin patch festival we went for a drive to a nearby town for another outdoor festival and enjoyed the incredible New England scenery and an afternoon of jumping in the leaves! 
10 . 19 . 08
A day at our favorite market! Bella Grace insisted on sitting in the box of baby pumpkins! I just love how she holds things in her tiny hands. She is so dainty and delicate!
10 . 20 . 08
The kids love to bob for apples every year! I laughed so hard I cried! This was hands down the best part of our weekend. They bobbed for apples, carved a pumpkin and roasted the seeds. I miss my Macey Girl already! She won't be home again until Christmas. So we packed it in this weekend while she was here. I also took the Christmas card photos- which are so hilarious they deserve their own post. Coming soon!


Sandra said...

Your family pictures absolutely make my day! They are so precious. Kinda gives a girl cold chills :) You can see in the pictures that y'all not only 'love' each other, you 'like' each other!! Glad to see a post for you!

The Spillman Family Blog said...

I just love seeing you with your sweet family! What wonderful traditions you have started. Again, so happy everyone is well and that your college girl got to come home for a visit. Don't you just love this time of year?

Lauren @ Adventures of a Southern Newlywed said...

Happy Fall! I am glad your family has been having so much fun together!

Cathy Santarsiero, "The Christmas Corgi" said...

I think your banner photo is one of the loveliest family photos I have ever seen. Enjoy the week! Warmly, Cathy ^..^

just ask beth said...

Your family is abssolutely beautiful.. I am glad they are all well. God Speed!!

Gracie Beth said...

Those pictures of your family are absolutely stunning!

nest of posies said...

oh sebi...
what can i say about your beautiful family. i loved all the photos & your activities. i am envious of all your fall festivals. you know i love them.
to see where you are today, in comparision to a few years back, you have been truly blessed!!! although, i am thankful for the few years back, because i would have never known you & macey girl. both you & i have come a long way indeed. it is amazing where God takes us, and how His plans are better then we could ever imagine.
love to all. felt like i was almost there with your photos.
hugs & kisses

Our Complete Family said...

What sweet photos of a sweet family! I have so many that are favorites that you shared, I can't even begin to name them!
Glad your fall is fab!
~ Les

Beaufort Belle said...

Absolutely love your plethora of pictures. Your family just warms my heart.

Would you mind sharing where you get your Christmas cards from? We are doing photo cards for the very first time this year.