Sunday, November 25, 2007

Forgiven.....for all of it.

The Lord gently reminded me this morning that I am forgiven. We all are. Forgiven? Really Lord? I am forgiven for missing it? Forgiven for blowing it? Forgiven for losing it? Forgiven for taking so long to begin to know you? Forgiven for failing to be a good witness? Forgiven for not taking time and care with others? Forgiven for being selfish and wanting my own way? Forgiven for expecting others to meet needs that only you can meet? Forgiven for not loving the unlovely? Forgiven for harboring unforgiveness toward others? Forgiven for harboring unforgiveness toward you Lord when life has been beyond difficult? Forgiven for blaming you Lord for being absent from my life, when in reality I was the one who was absent from a relationship with you? You were always there. It's too much. It's all just too much to comprehend. He is such a good Daddy and so unlike many earthly Fathers we have known. His love is not conditional. God doesn't love us on Tuesday and then on Wednesday stop speaking to us. Then Thursday love us again and then Friday, Saturday and Sunday write us off. These are the things of man. God is love. He is forgiveness. He is Mercy. He is Grace. He is the author and finisher of our faith. He is most importantly and above all else waiting for us each day to know Him, to sit with Him , to talk with Him and to listen to Him. If you so choose to sit with Him this morning I am sure you will hear Him gently whisper .........forgiven.

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sle said...

I love this post! Thanks for the reminder...seems like I have been in the "how could HE love ME " mode.